When I was students in Japan:

” I hated the delayed train especially Yamanote Line because of somebody jumped and got suicide”.

Maybe you know this when you are similar age with me. One thing that was surprising me that there was not so much advertising or public education I could feel on that time to help desperate people to do suicide.

The number of suicide in Japan was average 20.000 people per year or 55 people in a day around 1980`s ( )

This number went crazy around year of 2000`s, that was becoming 30.000 per year or 82 people in a single day (

Then this number was shocking everybody. Due the characteristic of Japanese, ( I think ) they were lack of sharing a problem story, the suicide number jumped into crazy. They barricades them self such a single fighter… Besides, a gentlemen characteristic was known very well since samurai era… being guilty is a brave action to do suicide. Oh common, we were facing problem everyday, that was called LIFE.. our duties were how to surf and success not drowning…

Finally around I felt a real action of bewaring and loving your life. I found it everywhere, in the station, inside the train, etc. The result was good happening, now the number of suicide back to 20.000 per year. And strongly decrease in the next future.

With the back up from actively government, I found the poster in small station at Nishio Station, Aichi Prefecture… even in a small village the government, the people and all communities fights against suicide. Very good.

Some station with glass barricade for Yamanote Line :







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