What should I do?

What should I do ?


March 04, 2017 : I went to Harajuku, enjoying the crowd and shopping. While I was waiting my friends shopping at H&M, somebody was passing by in front of me. At the beginning, he was like others .. then what he “did” was surprising me.

He called and so charming asking the Caucasian Tourists to sign the paper. He said for “peace”. He asked the Caucasian Tourists only, that was a big questions, why not Asian Tourists ? Why not local Japanese ?

After the Caucasian Tourists signed the paper, then he tried to sell amulets in the name of “peace”. And you know… Caucasian Tourists in Japan, they were in the travelling euphoria … were very exciting … were very attracted to anything about Japan…they paid for amulet…. He touched your feelings very smooth and gently…

Why not think a bit? Did the money goes for anything related peace ? I was not sure, maybe you was cheated by him.. As amulet usually sold at temple. They never walked around to try to sell the amulets…especially in Harajuku.. Usually I come to the Temple to get Amulets contains Pray from the temple.

Then what should I do ?

While I was busy with my mind, amazingly came the second person…

The first person was in Brown Uniform, the Second person was in Light Grey Uniform…


March 05, 2017 : Ueno Park

I was in Ueno Park, enjoying my Sunday holiday. I met again with 2 guys, the same persons I met in Harajuku.  And they successfully ruined my day..

What were they doing in Ueno Park, a popular tourists spot ?

Same guy in Brown Uniform :


Same guy in Light Grey Uniform :


So what should I do ?

latest news April 12, 2017, they arrested by police. Here is the portal link from The Asahi Newspaper http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201704120042.html


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