This picture was taken on mid-May 2016, when the weather was becoming warmer and the villager started to fill their rice field, preparing it to be ready for planting season.

I like Shirakawa-go, because the uniqueness :

  1. The place was surrounded by mountain. Isolated like another country inside Japan.
  2. The people still doing common activity besides selling souvenir for tourists, like plant paddy… and that is so lovely…
  3. They have ryokan, a japanese style hotel, to challenge everybody being a villager for a while… back to the nature, not living in a cubical apartment.
  4. Pollution free… fresh air, fresh water.


Sometimes they change the thatched roof with a new one … and I am lucky to see this activity. Everybody works together in a big team.


And this picture is a whole village.. awesome…


Whenever you come to Japan, don’t forget to visit Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture… enjoy…



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