What makes Ichiran Ramen famous and has a big fan ? I think because of their pork bone marrow soup ( = tonkotsu soup ). That is creamy, tasty and the most important is odorless, no bad smell. To make this odorless soup should have a special and high technique.

The restaurant I visited in Shinjuku branch has a unique layout guest’s seat. There is no a big square table we can sit 4 people but a small table for 1 person and all have to sit side by side. Clever, time is something precious for business, no need to chit-chat wasting time, just come to enjoy a glorious number one tonkutsu ramen. Here is the guest’s seat lay out:


After bought a ticket in machine like money ATM, I was pleased to sit. The staff opened the small window in front of me, and politely asked my order. I ordered ramen, egg, a noodle refill and matcha annin tofu dessert.

They gave me some plates, which I didn’t understand for what is that…. And the staff closed the window in front of me….

DSC01178They served my ramen. While i was eating, I read the plate…mamma mia…. just realized, they served one by one. If I want my noodle refill, I have to put the plate on the sensor ( see the left side, it’s square sensor with a bell sign ). After I put the plate on the sensor, the melody will came out, and the staff was coming by open the small window in front of me hahaha…

There is a free flow water in each box, self service, amazing… that means the restaurant have to make a lot of  water pipe to supply… well design yaaaaa…


Finally, I tasted their dessert : matcha annin tofu… and that is superb delicious…


Finish my lunch happily, I will come again…

You should try too… here is their website and location :







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