I am crazy about Sakura Blooming… after facing cold winter, it’s time to greet warm weather and flowers. Coming to Ueno Park is like a yearly ritual for me…. bring my camera, enjoy the flower and buy traditional food at food stall around the park.


Some Japanese, office workers, students, house wife or families are sitting under the tree, make an outdoor picnic and having meal under the tree. Is’t that so pretty.. or can I say it “romantic” ?

Sitting under the tree here is free of charge.. base on who come first, will get the place… for prime location, they’re even willing to pay somebody to prepare the place from one night before. It’s like queue to get the latest Iphone 🙂

For individual, sitting on an edge of the pavement also OK, like shows in this picture below…


Or perhaps find an empty space inside the park… because this alley is always busy..people walks..and walks… never ended. They like to walk here because of the Sakura trees from left and right side make an imaginary umbrella while we are walking…

So, explore the park, you will find flowers like this pictures :

2016-02-29 22.17.12

2016-02-29 22.16.45

The full blooming of Sakura depends on the winter… the shorter winter season, Sakura will come early… the longest winter season, Sakura will come late…

Usually, the best date to see Sakura is between March 27 and April 3. It’s more wise if you see the prediction of Sakura’s blooming from Japanese Tourism Board’s website.

Come on, come to Japan and visit Ueno Park..



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