This one is very famous among Asian tourist. Tokyo Banana is sponge cakes with banana puree inside. The banana puree is definitely delicious with a Japanese measured sweetness which is not too sweet ….

The original flavor is yellow sponge cake with banana custard cream inside ( see picture above ). Other famous flavor is yellow with chocolate stripe sponge cake, inside is banana’s caramel custard cream like this picture :


These 2 flavors are very popular , you can find them in any Tokyo Banana Shop and airports.

Talking about yellow with chocolate stripe sponge cake, don’t be mistaken with this one :


This one is banana pudding flavor.

The Tokyo Banana factory also produces a Banana Shake Flavor, a sponge cake with flower motif.


Any of you a cake baker…? Please tell me how to make this flower motif…

As a marketing strategy, the factory produces a chocolate banana flavor for Tokyo Sky Tree Branch. This flavor is only sold at Tokyo Sky Tree…not for other places….


Now, you have to hunt this chocolate banana flavor to complete the mission…:-)

The factory now also has new flavor…have to try it…. yes because this is the latest flavor…..


This new flavor is Banana Maple Flavor.

The Tokyo Banana Shop is easy to identified, they make same yellow design for their branches, like this:


So, anyone come to Tokyo, don’t forget to try this Tokyo Banana. You can buy at :

  1. Tokyo Sky Tree.
  2. Tokyo Tower.
  3. Railway Station ( Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, Ueno Station, Shinjuku Station, Hachioji Station, Shin Yokohama Station, Otsuka Station ).
  4. LAOX Duty Free Shop Ginza Branch.
  5. Odaiba ( Diver City Mall and Aqua City Mall ).
  6. Airports (  Tokyo Narita & Haneda, Osaka Kansai, Nagoya and Fukuoka ).

Before you buy, read the expired date first. They will write the date like this : E.D. 15.12.12. Meaning : Expired Date in year 2015, month December, date 12. The best consume is within 10 – 14 days, because of the cake itself and the liquid banana puree. If the factory changes the cake into more dried ( to keep longer ), I am sure the taste will be different…. we are not able to bite the softness of the cake anymore….

Tips from me : keep the Tokyo Banana at refrigerator, the taste is more delicious…. more yummy….

Try it and enjoy your day at Japan…..

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3 thoughts on “TOKYO BANANA

    1. Thank you zzzisle for your comment, it’s an idea to complete my blog’s story. Tokyo Banana can’t keep too long because of the cake itself and the liquid banana puree. If they make the cake more dried ( to keep longer), I am sure that the taste will be different….and we are not able to bite the softness of the cake … Cheers !

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