Who doesn’t know Lipton Tea ? This Lipton is very popular not only in England and Scotland but also in Asia, especially Japan. They enter Japan’s tea market at 1906, compete with green tea which Japanese drinks it everyday.

What special about Lipton tea in Japan :

  1. They make a lot of variant tea flavor, from milk tea, lemon tea, apple tea, royal tea latte, etc.



IMG_000013812.They make a flavor from local fruit. When the local fruit production is being peak harvest, they transform the fruit into tea blended. For example, hyuganatsu fruit ( citrus fruit ) from Miyazaki Prefecture is becoming hyuganatsu tea as picture below :


This special tea, I call it limited production, just 1 or 2 months selling.

3. Lipton reduces the sweetness of the tea, to match with Japanese taste. Still sweet but not too sweet.

And now, Lipton makes me confuse. Should I drink this English Red Tea or Japanese Green Tea ?

I made a decision…. whenever I finish my meal, I drink non sugar Japanese Green Tea. Hot is better. Whenever I feel thirsty, I drink Lipton English Tea, cold is better.

Lipton can easily be bought at any convenience store, in 500 ml paper-pack. Some convenience stores sell milk tea in 1 liter size.

So, if you visit Japan, don’t forget to try Lipton Tea.

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