TOKYO DISNEY SEA : Halloween 2015

TOKYO DISNEY SEA : Halloween 2015


I always love Disney Land nor Disney Sea… escaping from adult related stress, better I hang out with friends, enjoying the atmosphere which is different in any season. Like this Halloween season, orange color and pumpkins are everywhere.

After entrance gate, I feel lucky, coming in the right time with drum band show.


They’re even dancing, enjoy the rhythm and melodies…


They also give a time for tourists to take a picture together…. it’s so nice…


I am enjoying watching everybody laugh… no cry here….

I also buy some snack with Disney Character on the boxes…


Can you eat this cutie Pooh ?


And I have to buy one of this lovely Mickey…


I also enjoy the custom they use in the show.. so imaginary…the Octopus Lady :


Jack Sparrow :


Finally, I went home with happy ..happy feeling…

For your homework, find out the position I took this blooming flower :


And the tickets I bought…becoming my collection…


Come here… visit Japan… and enjoy your day at Tokyo Disney Sea …


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