A lot of people want to have cheap hotel while travelling, so they can allocate their money for transportation, entrance fee or something else. We have affordable one in Japan, it’s called “Capsule Hotel”. The price as cheap as $20 one night in low season for my favorite Capsule Hotel. So, what is qualification for the best one ?

  1. Make priority. If my flight from Osaka in the morning, means I have to catch up the train to airport very early, I choose capsule hotel near the big train station where that station has airport train. Not every city have good capsule hotel near airport, better I choose stay at city with easy access.
  2. If my flight from Tokyo early morning, my favorite is Nine Hours Capsule Hotel because that hotel is inside airport terminal building.
  3. A lot of Capsule Hotel design their 200 cm x 120 cm rooms in a row. I still have a privacy when I close my room’s curtain. Somehow, I found my favorite Capsule Hotel in Osaka has a real door to close and near the station, just 25 meter or 5 building from station ( see picture above ). Yes, it’s noisy because to close to the station. They never close tight the windows for air circulation but I don’t mind with noisy voice. I still can sleep while hearing the music from my Ipod.

So, is it similar between hostel and capsule hotel ? Basically yes. Both don’t have a private bathroom inside the room. Both put the guest to sleep together in one big room.

I like to say capsule hotel is more private. They have :

  • Curtain, I can use my night  cosmetic mask behind the curtain.
  • Separation strictly between sleeping room and shower room for male and female.
  • Television in each room.

Differences between hostel and capsule hotel, hostel usually has breakfast services while capsule hotel is not. Cleaning time in hostel mostly short, some capsule hotel ask the guest to empty the room between 11:00 AM to 16:00 PM, you have to read carefully their term and condition.

If my mood is shopping, I will search the closest one to shopping area, or in a range of maximum $20 by taxi. I like to choose the newest capsule hotel regarding their cleanliness. The very very center location of capsule hotel usually is the old one, just check, if they do renovation and keep their cleanliness, it is worth it to rent their room.

Sometimes I read comments in hostel seekers website which is too cruel and fierce… if you are a kind of high class people, please don’t stay at capsule hotel, it will lower and reduce your pride. Better stay at 4 star hotel, starting from $200 a night in Tokyo. With $20 per night don’t imagine the place will be as good as real hotel with private shower room and bathtub.

That’s it the tips to choose capsule hotel, be smart to consider all aspect you need, choose the good one based on your priority. Check time table airport train before make reservation, Tokyo’s and Osaka’s latest train is around 21:00 PM to airport (not running 24 hours ).

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