I love massage, when doing massage i was treated as a human rather than a robot like in my office. I am not complaining my boss, sure they will fire me, but a situation in modern life, in modern society, push me to be a hard worker..almost overwork. So, when it comes very very tired, i entertain myself by doing massage. With 6.000 yen per-60 minutes, plus tax 480 yen, a total of 6.480 yen, i got my body fresh. The experienced masseur will doing acupressure on my body’s point. The shiatsu massage techniques will let fingers pressure, including thumbs and palms, are dancing on my body. Of course some  stretching too….

Another popular choices here is a quickie head shoulder 15 minutes for 1.620 yen including tax. Sure, will release your neck tension after longtime working with computer…

How much 60 minutes massage price in your country ?

Let me give you a comparison, here in Jakarta is 100.000 rupiah,equivalent with 1.000 japanese yen, not including tips, let say I pay 1.500 yen ooooppss mamamia….what a cheap….


But if we stay at Japan, can’t afford to pay airplane ticket pursuing cheap massage at another country 🙂 don’t be stingy if have money…

Note :

  1. This massage is real massage, not erotic nor massage plus plus…
  2. Choose the place of massage, choose the good one in a shopping mall, in a bright place.. don’t choose in a dark small alley, beware of scam.

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