In Japan, we recognize 4 ramen type, base on their soup. They are :

  1. Shoyu. The soup base on shoyu / salty soy sauce. The soup color will be dark brown.
  2. Tanmen. The soup base on salt with fish / chicken / pork broth. The soup color will be clear transparent like drinking water.
  3. Miso. The soup base on soybean. The soup color will be golden brown.
  4. Tonkotsu. The soup base on pork shanks. The soup color will be white or light brown.

Tonkotsu base also have 2 types. One ramen shop likes to makes heavy taste, another ramen shop likes to make light taste. For me, light taste is the best, i eat the noodle including the soup,  nothing left in my bowl.

My favourite ramen shop is Ippudou Ramen, they have light taste of tonkotsu base and tiny noodle shape. Ippudou Ramen puts “Hakata” in front of their shop brand, shows that tonkotsu is originally came from Hakata Area in Kyushu Island.

Let see the picture what i always eat ….


In Japan, it is common to serve drinking water to all guests, and what I have from this shop is a refill barley tea …. so generous..


They also put pepper, sesame, shoyu / salty soy sauce if needs extra salty and combination shoyu and vinegar for dumpling.


Is that expensive to have this yummy ramen ? Due to standard living here and I understand how difficult to cook it, I will say the price is fair enough. Depends on the topping, the price can be vary. I always order Yen 1.030, it’s coming with 5 slices of pork meat, egg, nori and kikurage mushroom, also red spices  on top which is makes the soup more delicious. This one call Akamaru Special on their menu. The cheaper price can be as low as Yen 780. What the difference ? Let’s see the picture :


People always concern about the noodle, because that’s what we are happy, make our stomach full, but very wise if we step further, the important things from ramen is the soup.

Genereally, tonkotsu ramen shop sells extra noodle without soup for only Yen 120, for whom still hungry and not enough with 1 portion of japanese eating size. Also, sells half of portion for Yen 70.


Ippudou Ramen also have side menu, some people say still hungry if not eating rice. Here mentaiko rice is Yen 300 and pork slice with rice is Yen 360.

CIMG7752 CIMG7755

Ippudou Ramen established since 1985. What made popular is in 1997, they were a champion on television show, then nowdays the branches was in New York, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.


This is a story about my favorite ramen, what kind of ramen do you have in your country ? Is that expensive ?


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